Visa Assistance

In case of participants wishing to obtain entry visas, the organizer must send an application addressed to our company attaching with it a list containing the participant's name and passport number along with a colored photocopy of the passports in addition to filling the issuing visa entry form which is uploaded in the electronic guide system of our company, preferably 30 days prior to the start of the exhibition, so that the Relations Department can take the required visas, as below 

Submit an official application addressed to the Director General of the State Company for Iraqi Fairs and commercial services to obtain the approval of granting entry visa

  1. .Fill in the attached form for the participants
  2. Naming an official authorizer with personal commitment to leave the participants during the period granted to them according to the entry visa
  3. Provide a colored copy of valid passport
  4. Provide a Proof of hotel reservation for participants