why Participate ?

Unlock new opportunities, identify new markets and join the world’s leading organizations in helping the industry to navigate the complexities of a new landscape. Exhibiting can be a great way to promote your products but also to grow and develop your business. Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your business from a small one to a talked-about, profitable and highly effective one!

Become an exhibitor at Iraq Agro Animal Tech give your business activities a sustainable impetus. At this exhibition you meet your entire target group planners, food tradesmen and trade. This is where concrete solutions are presented for forward looking ideas such as dealing with global challenges or the digital future. This is where skilled professionals are convinced by new products and solutions


Reasons why you should be participating at Iraq Agro Animal Tech 2022


Get acquainted with current projects in Iraq and evaluate investment opportunities

Create excitement and interest in your brand

Creative solutions to deliver impact, whatever your budget

Meet thousands of qualified decision makers

Immediate, direct access to visitors, exhibitors and press during an event

Awareness and engagement for your brand

Bring your audience and your products face to face

Product launch

Generate new and targeted leads

Meet with innovators and investors

Meet new and existing buyers

Go head to head with your competitors

Meet new distributors

Promote your company and y our products and services to markets beyond your region